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Great Planes micro F-86

i just picked up one of these and cant wait to get it in the air!

heres the spec sheet:
Wingspan: 15 in (381 mm)
Wing Area: 53.1 in² (3.4 dm²)
Weight: 2.35 oz (67 g)
Wing Loading: 6.4 oz/ft² (20 g/dm²)
Length: 14.4 in (366 mm)
Requires: AnyLink and compatible 4-channel transmitter or Tactic™ 2.4GHz radio with SLT™

some pics (my DX6i with Any-Link module on the back and a quarter for scale)

cant wait to pair it off against the E-Flite MiG-15 when that is finally released :D
coming soon:

just have a couple more tweaks before getting the decals printed, then paint the nose and remove a couple of the factory decals :D
its with horizon right now :) it should be fine, just needs the antenna (broke off on the outside and the wire tore free from the board inside) and gear switch replaced. should be back in the air in about a week
ok, just got back from maidening mine. i love it! i did put a dime under the battery like has been suggested for the cg and that worked perfectly, didnt need any trim at all. i did stall it but recovered fairly easy and nearly promptly stuffed it in the ground when i lost it in the sun, lol. i would have kept going but i didnt want to risk losing it int he sun again and i couldnt feel my fingers anymore......

sorry for the crappy video, was my first time using the keychain cam taped to a hat. not sure why it failed to focus and adjust brightness and white balance.....
Great job!! Nice recovery. Had it been me I am sure I would still be picking up pieces. Looks like you have a nice little screamer there
well, its done :D

i wish i had the ability to print with white ink as a backer for the colour, but oh well, it turned out fairly well in my opinion (given its my first time doing something like this in a looooooong time).

i messed up masking before painting the nose and some of the tape i used lifted silver off the foam, and i could get all of the decals off so i decided to re-paint that section.

masking completed

yay no more decals or yellow bleed! tamiya AS-12 "bare-metal silver" spray paint is very nearly an exact match to the original silver on it as you can see.

final check before printing the decals


i might go back eventually and completely re-do it now that i know more about how to do it. for not very much effort, im quite pleased with it, and given its flaws i would not be too upset if it gets a little beat up. im also fairly sure im the first one with a pin-up girl on the side of one of these :cool: