Greetings from a veteran RC modeler from the UK


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Hello everyone my name is Thomas Brown. I'm thrilled to be joining your community. I reside in the UK. Have been passionate, about radio controlled models for over 35 years. My journey started with cars expanded to include boats, airplanes and helicopters. Currently I have a collection of 20 model airplanes stored in my hangar on the lookout for fresh ideas to enhance them.

Recently I introduced an updated version of my legacy V2 model. Was truly amazed by its capabilities. Apart from that I also find joy, in constructing and customizing models while eagerly sharing my experiences with fellow enthusiasts.

I'm delighted to become a part of this community and eagerly anticipate exchanging knowledge and experiences with all of you!

The Fopster

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Hi Thomas! Nice to have another UK based modeller to add to the group. It’s a very friendly and helpful group on here - pretty much the best such online community I’ve ever come across. Lots of inspiring ideas from a really good bunch of folks. 👍


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Foam is so much fun not having to worry about cost and beating the tar of them. I have almost more fun flying foam as I do my gas and glow planes.