Help needed for FT swappable design


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Hi all,

I have been flying Flite Test for years and it is time I decided to give back to the community, maybe by creating some plans to share with the Flite Test Family. It's been a month and my design has had 4 versions already, yet there seems to be stagnated progress.

My design in a simple Cessna Skywagon with a high wing that runs of the mighty minis A pack (2200kV motor and 6045 propeller). Since this is a single engine design I used flight test's 5 deg right thrust angle with the CCW motor. (See videos and photographs below) The CG were calculated by using FlyBoys awesome guide to RC Aerodynamics

The overall size and scale of the aircraft were calculated based on scale and calculated using the formulae obtained from the guide.

Here is the overall specs of the aircraft design:
Cessna 180 Foamboard Airplane
Wingspan: 69cm
Length: 50cm

Power system:
2200kV 2250 brushless
9g Servos

Control Surfaces:
Elevator- 12Deg
Ailerons- 12 Deg
Rudder- 12 Deg

All up Weight:
300g including battery and receiver

I logged the flights and they are as follows:
Version 4/4 Flight 1 (CG was incorrect and plane was slightly tail heavy):
Version 4/4 Flight 2 (CG was corrected slightly nose heavy):

Some pictures of the finished build:

The plans for the design are in the google drive folder below in both PDF and Inkscape SVG if any of you use inkscape.

Some possible causes-
1. The area of the vertical and/or horizontal stabilizers are too small
I took a look at the FT Pietenpol for reference and it has huge horizontal and vertical stabilizers
2. The wing dihedral angle is not symetrical- Quite possible but I am doing another remake and will update

Thank you all so much for pausing to read my post! Your expert guidance is greatly appreciated. Should there be any further infomation needed, feel free to comment below.