Help! Hi, from Laurie D. Re FT "Old Fogey"

Laurie D

New member
I am an old fogey, building a Flitetest "Old Fogey" from enlarged, downloaded plans and using 5mm Australian foam.
I am hoping to add a turtle deck and partially build in the nose.
Can anybody advise me as to whether this will upset the flight characteristics, please?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Cheers, Laurie D.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Welcome to the forums from a fellow Aussie Old Fogey!

As for the addition of a built up deck on the nose will help balance but the tail boom if built up is best done with as much of the FB paper removed as is possible. The Aussie FB is heavy and most builds will come out slightly tail heavy anyway.

Where is Aus? I am in Brisbane!

have fun!

Laurie D

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Thanks for your welcome, Hai-Lee, and thanks for your help.
I was intending to use 6mm decron, lighter than the 5mm RIOT board, of which the main aircraft is built, so it won't add much weight.
I scaled up the plans an extra 25% to the standard size to make it work for the 5mm board, which has created quite a large and cumbersome monster.
Perhaps I'll fly it as original first and the try the fuselage mods.
We live a far way apart, my home is in Mornington, Victoria, but we try to visit Queensland each year.