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Hi there

I've been dipping my toes in the hobby for over two decades but I never found the free time to learn how to fly. I'm hoping to change that with the flitetest foam board planes, this is something I'm not afraid to crash!

I love building. I have 3 balsa/nitro kits fully completed that I've never flown; Kadet LT-40, Piper Cub, and Sig Kobra. I also have a Carl Goldberg Bucker Jungmann kit partially assembled. I left it forgotten in my dads garage about 20 years ago only recently unearthed and I'm completing that one this winter.

I hope to learn while the snow falls and then melts, maybe get some indoor experience on one of those amazing foam board planes. Thanks for the electric flight resource this forum provides - there is so much knowledge all in one place!



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Welcome to the party.
As one who has all sorts of planes, from big to small, electric to gas. I can say nothing is as much fun for me as ft foam board planes! Break the foam so you can fly the balsa!


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Welcome to the forums. I’d advise you join a club if you can. Learning to fly on the buddy box is by far the best. A flying simulator is also very helpful.