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HoobyKing 70mm Sport Jet

A friend of mine picked one of these up from the US warehouse. Started out pretty rough but seems to be fixable each time Enjoy yes it has been edited with a Bugs Bunny whom is the poop I might add

and Part 2

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You have to watch the whole thing. My friend Larry and I have a joke about gremlins. The shot of the actual crash did not comeout on video
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I've got an RTF on the way that I got as a freebie (what a crazy Sunday night that was...). I've been tossing up whether to keep it or sell it (I have no use for the tx/rx). It looks like it flies OK on the HK video, but a lot of comments and reviews suggest 5s to make the thing enjoyable. What's the plane actually like? Is it a keeper (bearing in mind that selling it will pay for the rest of the order)?
I received my Sport Jet last week that I also scored as a Freebie. Flew six batteries worth on the weekend and it's a lovely flyer. Tracks nicely and glides well. I've been hand launching and belly landing. No issues at all with hand launching - its very easy, even by yourself. Speeds reasonable but no match for my Funfighter Rarebear on 4S. Sound is great and it has great presence in the air.

I think it depends on what other planes you have in your stable. If you don't have an EDF then I'd keep it as it flies very nice. If you really need to you can upgrade the motor/ESC at a later date but stock it's still nice.
Since November Hobbyking have been offering "freebies" as a way to control some excess stock and also for promotional aspects. The freebies don't run every day and stopped for two weeks over Chinese New Year but are now back on. If there is a current freebie you'll get notified by a pop up when you put about $40 into your cart. Don't add the freebie to your cart yet but get $100 worth of stuff first and then add the freebie and it will come up free in your cart. Usually the items aren't as good as the Sport Jet but occasionally there is a "Super Insane Freebie". Just last week you could've got a RTF 3D micro heli if you lived in the USA.

But if you come across a super insane freebie then be quick. Most freebies last hours to a day but a super insane freebie you only have about 20 minutes before they run out of stock. Hobbykings twitter feed generally gives advance notice of a super insane freebie coming up and on Hobbykings forum there is a thread that details the latest freebies.

Wow. I have heard of the freebies but never knew they were giving away anything like a plane or helis my goodness i unfortunatly will never have the need to spen 100+. Oh well that is pretty cool though


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Yeah, it's pretty cool. So far I've scored the Sportsjet, a F9F-8 Cougar and an old timer J3 Cub. You have to pay shipping on the item, but it's still a pretty sweet deal. It's even better I guess when it's in your local warehouse, as the postage isn't so crazy (I paid $90 EMS postage on the Cougar order - normal was about $70). It's not particularly easy to score awesome freebies like that, but they do happen!
Correction: $100 is easy to spend if you have $100.
True, but in Australia it's just one tank of petrol. Considering the other costs associated with living $100 is hardly worth mentioning. Maybe different in other countries though. And with the exchange rate it's only really $95 AUD. Can remember when an Aussie dollar was only worth $0.46 USD about 10 years ago - great to see it now at $1.07.
Correction: $100 is easy to spend if you have $100.
Agree colorex. I can spend 100 bucks in a blink of an eye and not even care if I put it on credit. However getting ready to put a kid through college to include myself etc and although it dont cost me a 100 bucks to fill my tank but pretty close with 2 vehicles. Anyway I do like HK for their parts but again I wont purchase 100 dollars worth of parts but if I do decide to buy another HK plane I hope i see a freebie like that one
The average salary in Ecuador is around $280 I think......
Is that per week? In Australia that is a fairly average daily rate. Hence why everything is getting shipped off shore.

Back on Topic .... Fishbonez did you end up flying the Sport Jet yet or your other freebie jet? If so what did you think?
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From the spanish wikipedia

Minimum legal salary for 40 weekly work hours:

2007 $170 monthly
2008 $202 monthly
2009 $218 monthly
2010 $240 monthly
2011 $264 monthly
2012 $292 monthly
Not from Wikipedia:

Average apartment rent (in my town): $80 - $200
Basic Food + Necessities for one family: $250 - $400

And don't ask me how people manage to keep alive and make all their monthly payments for all the stuff they put on credit. You'll see five member families living in a 12' x 18' bamboo house, and a big stereo and TV in the living room.

I am luckily not "poor", but I do have to work up to a sweat to get the stuff I want.
No I have not flown it yet. It is owned by my flying buddy Larry. I have and dont mind flying the Habu (spelling) which in my opinion is the exact same plane. Just from watching Larry I think you need to make sure you dial down the ailerons and elevator some on your TX. If you get out of control, which if you are Larry is in control sorry Larry you know I dig ya, she can be a big handeful and a stay puff marshmellow very quickly
He is actually quite good. He has bigger wavoes than me by far. He enjoys putting the model to the test. Just sometimes can be a bit expensive. As far as him flying a full scale 747 well...lets just say you better enjoy a complimentary scotch and water before take off or you will spill your drink
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