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Hot Air Balloon


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hot air - 1.jpg hot air - 3.jpg hot air - 2.jpg hot air - 6.jpg hot air - 4.jpg hot air - 4-1.jpg hot air - 5.jpg hot air - 7.jpg hot air - 9.jpg hot air - 8.jpg hot air - 13.jpg hot air - 11.jpg hot air - 12.jpg hot air - 10.jpg hot air - 14.jpg hot air - 16.jpg hot air - 25.jpg hot air - 24.jpg hot air - 23.jpg hot air - 18.jpg hot air - 22.jpg hot air - 21.jpg hot air - 19.jpg hot air - 20.jpg hot air - 17.jpg hot air - 15.jpg

We'd like to thank everyone who was involved in this amazing day! We'd like to also take a moment and thank all of the pilots who took time to bring out and launch their balloons:

Dan Greathouse from LazerToyz.com
Angie Ziccardi
Balloon: "Kilroy" (multi-colored balloon)

Joe Zvada from BalloonPong.com
Steve Zvada
Bob Parmelee
Balloon: "Freebird" (yellow balloon)

Jim Kovacik
Renee Kovacik
Chandlor Phillips
Tammy Baughman
Balloon: "Seasons Change" (purple balloon)

Eric Monroe for his aerial video.



Stuck in Sunny FL
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Fantastic episode!

I love how Josh B. gets excited about everything. He's a man who has a blessed life, recognizes this, and enjoys it.