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How about a fire fighting Xcopter


Junior Member
Hey Guys,

Great show, very addictive...:eek:

The summer season is cumming up. As a precaution, how about a tricopter with a "bambi bucket" underneath it, to extinguish a BBQ or something. Take a camping water-bag or dispenser. Modify it with a bigger valve. Hang it of a tricopter. Maybe make it a duodec-copter (12) to have sufficient lift ("a bit to many"-copter is a challenge on its own).

To avoid that epic mustang lifting failure, use longer lines, 10ft should do. It´s more stable and it is possible to lift off next to your load. Also you have a bit more height(minimum 10 ft) to catch a mistake. And use the Ardupilot or equivelant.