How about visualizing the risks of RC flying?


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I appreciate all you do for the hobby and would love to see your take on what are the actual accident statistics justifying regulatory action? Prompted by a recent article by Allianz insurance focusing on commercial drone benefits and risks, I tried to get a feeling from published sources for how much of a risk our hobby may be to others.

For example, injuries per year in the U.S. related to

Automobiles: 2,338,000 DOT (2014)
Bicycles: 530,000 CPSC estimate (2013)
Toys: 252,000 CPSC estimate (2014)
TV tipovers: 15,400 CPSC estimtate (2013)
Radio control toys: none reported (CPSC)
although in their hobby product category they list recalls related to hobby (RC-related) and model airplane.

Could it be in light of real-world results these upcoming rigorous rules (or ridiculous rulemaking) are justified by out of proportion projections by the media we consume and support? Or as with all novel technology, is there an irrational agenda other than reducing risk of injury and loss of lives?
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I _only_ fly if the field is clear, by that I mean no other persons within 100 yards. I also stop flying if I think people are too close. This would be because I own a couple (three?) aircraft that weigh over 3 Kilos, and I have no desire to injure anyone..

Keep in mind that insurance is a bet between you and the insurance company they are betting nothing will happen, you are betting the worst will.
I'd like to add in statistics for baseball injuries. I used to fly with my step-son at a local park just down the street until two rangers bum-rushed me and told me I need a special use permit to fly my foamies at the park. They came at us pretty heavy handed for a guy just out with his kids flying. (it's not like we were spray painting the port-o-potty or vandalizing anything). Anyway, I was forced to find another flying spot about 15 minutes farther away which is a shame.

Basically, park rules say you can't fly model planes or rockets in the park. There are baseball diamonds, soccer fields etc. in the park and I know plenty of people who have been injured by baseballs (ball to the face or head, broken hands etc.) yet I've never known anyone or read a report anywhere of a person being injured at a park by a foam electric airplane. Have you? Would love to see the statistics.

I called the Park manager for our county and offered to meet him to talk about why the current rules exist and whther maybe it was time to re-evaluate but he didn't take me up on it.