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How to do Cockpit simulation with Live Telemetry

Hi, I am getting live telemetry data and video feed from pix hawk, i want to simulate cockpit view similar arrangement to that of xplane for cessna 172 i.e. 6 basic flight instruments overlayed onto the video feed. Is there any existing ground control software in which i can do this ? thank you to all the members for maintaining such a awesome group.
Thank you for your reply. I saw that post during my research on the topic, cool project indeed but a little handsy for me, I would be happy with just on screen display. I have come across APM mission planner feature where by the hud can be video feed and the information is relayed on top of the video, a bit like the OSD but using radio telemetry data. First problem with this is has four gauges but I could not reposition the gauges to any suitable position they are fixed to a side menu i wish they pop out like the hud. and the second problem is that it doesnt have bank indicator and once you put the video feed in the hud the artificial horizon is no more. would be nice to have it on the side as a gauge as well.