i have discovered the cheapest pre built tricopter frame in the world.....


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ok don't laugh but if you go to home depot or lowe's and go to the lawn and garden section they have prebuilt
tricopter frames for around 6 dollars............ that's right 6 dollars.
it's actually some sort of trellis for growing tomatoes or flowers. my buddies call it the matorcopter.
all you have to is strap on the electronics and add your yaw mechanism. it is small but feel free to experiment with the other sizes available.


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Very good idea! The structure of this "matorcopter" allows for more equipment (cameras) to be strapped on quickly.


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Innovation at work. Nice. If we keep it up we won't need the hobby stores when we can get it all at Home Depot and Lowe's.

Perhaps others also experience this, when you go pretty much anywhere and all you see are things that could be used for RC. Tell me I'm not alone in this.


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that is cool.,,,,I see combat quads with that kind of idea :)

It is not the "ideal frame", but very cool

you are going to have tons of air drag, and your ascents and descents might be a little bumpy.

what does that weight ?

here is a free frame :

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Using that as a frame is genius idea. But it is stable as well?

With daves (windestal I think) the 3 arms can still move if you have a rough landing or a crash so the electronics won´t suffer.

How is it here? It seems to be a fixed frame. But still a compromis for that price :D


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i'm loving the fed ex box above.
ascending is fine but i haven't tried any fast descents yet so i bet you are right. i've noticed if i have sloppy frame from a propwash standpoint that i can avoid the bobbles/turbulence in rapid descents if i maintain motion in any direction rather than trying to descend straight down through the propwash. the flight video i posted above is just using a kkboard off ebay version 5.5 (whatever that means). I now have a seeduino processor with wii motion plus and wii numchuck sensors for autoleveling and it's flying good.
i've yet to use the foldable/ breakaway arms concept yet but i do attach my motors with zip ties so in bad crashes the zip ties
break and it seems to save the motors and shafts. i've only had one major crash so far and the only damage i had was to my flight control board which i did not have protected well. here is a video of that flight and crash for those that like carnage. this was not the mator copter frame. i was flying an arduino with wii sensors that a friend helped me build. it flies awesome but we had auto level set to where you could disable it with the flap switch. i took off and zoomed way out and did a bank thinking i was in auto level mode......... i wasn't.


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not to shabby on the trellis tricopter.
i like it. but i dunno if i would go out and build one up like that. i'd be too afraid that the whole thing would go down and destroy everything. but good platform. if someone could write a code for the kk controller for ch 6 to be a parachute recovery in the event that the battery drops and motors fail. we'd have more saved copters lol


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It would be awesome if HobbyKing shipped stuff in flying boxes!

I kinda had the following vision after I read your post!

Hobbyking sets up a completely new innovative way of transporting packages and parcels.
There would be an aerial system just like real planes have for multicopters to transfer whatever you ordered within a few hours directly to your house and if taxes are there you pay them to hobbyking directly.
(I had that problem today; had to pay 19% taxes for getting my parcel which was about 20$ extra!!!)

That would be soooooo cooool Just imagine a sky full of completely electronical radio controlled by a computer etc multicopters.

This vision is kinda worrying me though as that could happen in reality!