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I need google shop help


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Hi there fellow RC enthusiasts.

In another life my wife and I design and build a walking frame for the elderly and this year we are planning to sell direct in New Zealand and Australia (our home markets) - we have our website, our google merchants account setup with feeds running, and our google shopping ads also set up and running - but what ever we search for, our ads do not show up!

Needless to say we are pulling our hair out!

Has anyone on the forum have some experience with google shopping? If so I would love to hear from you!

PM me - bracesport!

Stay safe.
I built a commercial site for my buddy and his medical compression sock business, I advised against wasting ad dollars with google as top buck always wins out and that unless he was willing to pay some serious bucks he wouldnt get what he was after................he went that route anyways and saw nothing for his advertising money, he's not a big enough player, nor is his business

My website came up number 2 for years in google search as its such an esoteric hobby, till they started selling rankings on their search engines, now there are a couple of pages of commercial barely related junk to go thru till you find my website now

again my site is so esoteric it doesnt bother me .....sooner or later you WILL find my site if your in need of professional help or parts

sorry I cant be of any better help or advice.....when it comes to google money talks and ........you know the rest


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The more you can put out there the better the search engine becomes. Writing a blog , face book page , Twitter, Pintrest, LinkedIn , basically any other social media you can get on which are free and do posts with taglines . Any free selling sites such as kijiji ( if you have it there) . All these need to be updated on a regular basis or new posts plus I would also share a post from one media to another .
I agree with @Wildthing but dont limit yourself to social media, my friend that went thru this found his ad dollars worked better off the web but directed the customers to the website

cut deals with physicians, therapy clinics etc etc to hand out a 2 fold flyesr of your products that will direct the patients to your site with a product recommended by doctors