Inq'd Turbo Storch - Spinner

Inq'd Turbo Storch - Spinner 2022-12-20

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Full disclosure

The spinner worked as printed, was easy to clean up, smooth and look near as good an injection molded spinner. It only works on the one diameter/pitch propeller (10x4.5) as the fitting around the prop is tight. It should be relatively easy cut/sand to other propellers with in reason.

HOWEVER - It was well balanced and worked fine in flight. But, I did have a motor burn out on because I was using full-throttle for way too long. It could be because of the conditions, the cheap motor, but it could also be because of the tight fitting fuselage and the spinner blocking the primary cooling path. I can't tell more than that. To read more on the incident...

I did not use the spinner at all for the next dozen flights.