Is bigger better when it comes to stator size?


I built the mini master series corsair and flew it with a 1806/2280 motor. Flew great and seems to have plenty of power. The recommended flight pack is the F pack that comes with a 2205/2300 motor. So from a KV point of view, it's about equal. But from the stator width, we have a 4mm difference.

So I am wondering, is there a gain on having a larger stator when the KV's are the same?

I live in Florida and I fly at sea level (give or take a few feet) so I do take into consideration.


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The bigger motor will have more torque and can push a larger prop without heating up. The 1806 will probably get hot if pushed hard.


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...But from the stator width, we have a 4mm difference...
That not going to make a huge difference. As LB said, you may be able to run a slightly larger prop or run a bit cooler on the same prop. Flite times may be a bit shorter. The motor may be a bit heavier, you may need to move the battery back slightly to balance the plane.

The differences, if any, will be small. Be sure to check the CG before the first flight.