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JR NES-537 Servo

I have some 537's that I would like to use in my sticks ailerons but I am unsure of their operating voltage.
The stick has one 6.6v LIFE battery for the receiver and servos. (its got a glow engine so no BEC)

This website says its a 4.8v


While these say 4.8v to 6v


If anybody has 537's could they possibly tell me about their setup?


Builder Extraordinare
According to their website, the range is not entirely stated. In my experience with servos in the past is that voltage simply changes speed and torque. The standard assumes that the voltage for the Rx is what the servo will see. In high-performance setups you can have an external power distribution board that takes the signal from the Rx and ups the voltage for servos that are spec'd for higher voltage. Generally this is for giant-scale aircraft or IMAC competition. I've learned a lot about these recently from my Club's president, Brad Davy (IMAC NE Regional Director as well). He set up a 150cc IMAC plane at the field with 3 digital servos in each wing for the ailerons.

Short answer: You should be fine. Make sure that your servo is not binding as the higher voltage will likely burn out your servo faster than it would at 4.8V. Also make sure your Rx can handle that voltage. If you want to REALLY play it safe, Just by a UBEC. They are cheap and will regulate the voltage for you despite the input voltage. With the gasser guys at my club, they love A123 batteries (same voltage) and they do not use any voltage regulation for their ships that do not require them.