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Keeping building alive

Hello guys
I want thank you for trying to get flyers to be builders.I find building to be as enjoyable as flying.That is the pluses of the hobby.I always have something on the board,you don't know when you will need it.
I have tried to pass my knowledge to the next generation of flyers with little to show.the ARF is a great way to get into the hobby but it took a lot of the skill out of it.
I just wanted to send a computer style handshake to you folks for keeping the first half of the hobby alive.

John A.K.A.leadpipe58



HELLLOOOO leadpipe58! Welcome aboard! We don't have too many stick builders on here, so you are a valuable addition. Are you working on anything currently? Care to share any of the models you have?

Since I started scratch building I've stuck with foam because its so easy to work with. Plus, I don't have the really nice wood tools at home. Now at school, I have access to a first rate wood shop!

I know I will venture into a stick build some day. It is such an alluring thing! I've seen incredible craftsmanship on the internet. That makes me want to humiliate myself by attempting it, too. Picture in your head a cave man with a rock trying to build an airplane. UG!


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Dear John. What shall i do when the sticks are to short?
I need 4 ft sheets to my winter project, and that is not so easy to get where i live...

It is a lot more easy to build something smaller.
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Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Interesting timing for this topic, as I'm anxiously waiting for USPS to deliver my first balsa model in 30+ years. Back then everything was cut from balsa that only had the ink on it, no laser cutting or even pre-punched parts. It'll be a nice change from the old way.


Thanks for the link, pgerts. There is such a beauty to a wooden airplane. Almost a shame to cover them. There are a TON of nice looking stick and tissue models (Guillows and the like) on ebay. I almost bought a Guillows B-25 from a guy on wattflyer a couple of weeks ago, but my wife put the smackdown on the purchase. :(

I'd really like to see some people posting up more complex builds on Flite Test, both stick and foam. SteveOBHave was doing cool stuff, but has been really quiet for a while.


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.. .. Almost a shame to cover them.
.. I almost bought a Guillows B-25 from a guy on wattflyer a couple of weeks ago, but my wife put the smackdown on the purchase. :(
You don't have to hide the nice balsa with cover.. Use clear mylar
And how about Your Happy Dilemma? Ask for something "sticky".


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I'm getting into stick building. I'm currently building the balsa wing and tail set for the Slow Stick from http://www.millenniumrc.com. I'd love to see more stick build threads here because (I'll get a tongue lashing for this) I detest sheet foam airplanes...there, I said it!
I fly, or at least used to now I work all the time, FF/CL as well as RC. Even though some of my FF stuff didn't look too bad, they still look like a banana compared to some of the guys that REALLY know how to build, but I wouldn't trade it for nothing.

Wanna get a kid into building while they're young. Checkout some of the Blackhawkmodels.com CL models built the old Hollow log way. Get a new Cox engine from Coxengines.ca and have a blast. They're fairly easy to build, fairly rugged, will stay out on the end of the strings AND if you have someone that just wants to build a plane for the desk, they work well for that too. You can really ladel on the filler, sand till it's smooth and paint it till it's extree glossey.

If you want to teach em to fly CL, search for the manwin trainer. I used to use Peck's polymers for FF but they went out.

But both of these will give a body primal building skills without too much investment.

Next thing you know, they could be front row at the NATS PAMPA circle.