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This is currently my first kit build and I decided to go with the Pluma 3d biplane. I've managed to put the plane together rather well and managed to even bind the surfaces to where they have nice fluid movement throughout. Unfortunately, I'm having an issue when engaging the motor. Prior to engaging the motor, all the surfaces move docile, have large degrees of movement and are very quick. Upon the motor being engaged(not spinning) just activated, all of my control surfaces lose large degrees of freedom and are slightly slower than before, my elevator doesn't even have the capability to let my plane point downwards, only up now.

The specs I'm running are the manufacture recommended set up for indoor flight:
3 Futaba S3114 Micro HT Servo
Eflite safe Rx, unused(I had an extra from my older S-15 apprentice)
Motor - Rimfire 28-22-1380
Prop - 8" x 3.8" slo flyer
Battery - Power Series 11.1v 600mAh LiPo 25c -> the current manufacture spec rec. wants me to use a 11.1v 340 mAh 20c. I'm not sure if this would be cause the issue though.
ESC - Silver Series 8 amp Brushless

So as you can see, I'm stumped at this point and any input would be appreciated!

*Yes I posted this same post in another section but I wasnt sure which was the correct section, sorry about that*

Thanks a lot guys



I have really NEVER had a positive experience with a Safe-RX of any kind! Changing it out is a good thing.