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Leading edge protection?

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
Whilst watching a nightflyer video yesterday nightflyer was filming a guy putting his jet away and he asked "hey watch ya doing". Well the guy was putting pipe insulation on the leading edges of his plane. You know the type of stuff I mean....(normally grey foamy type stuff that you slip over your water pipes to stop them freezing) and i agree with nightflyer.....a great idea to protect the edges during transport


Elemental Madness
Ah! good idea. Personally, all i usually damage in the tail of my planes. I am watching the wings and forget about the rest of the plane!


I like big leccy planes
I use the rolls of insulation from Wickes which look similar to bubble wrap but are more thick/durable and use duct tape to make wing bags. I've even made a carry bag out of them for a glider so I can walk with it up to sloping sites

edit: think it's called radiator foil

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
That is a good idea. I like the wing bags but they're not cheap, plus my planes all have one piece wings so they are a pain in the butt to transport. Do you have pictures of the wing bag material?