LED lights, on the CHEAP


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So, I was strolling through Walmart to get a weed sprayer, when I came across the clearance. I always check the clearance; never know what yer gonna find...

How about leftover 4th of July Hats! You know, the ones with BLINKING LIGHTS!?!

I pounced on that deal, $1.57 I think? Complete with batteries. I tore the lights out, tossed the hat (goodbye fair hat) and now have a string of bright white blinking LED's. This one has 6 white LED's, some of the hats had different colors. Y'all might check your local stores to see if you can score similar deals.

The AUW was 13g, and the string measures about two feet, with a handy little switch built in.

Capt Fishbones