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Let's talk about propellers


Senior Member
I've been buying the HK slowfly props for a while now (i have like 40 pairs), they are cheap and it doesn't hurt if you break them constantly - i know because i do it like every 3 minutes... now that i'm learning to fly- but for an advanced flying level or not go crashing every 3 minutes, wich props do you guys deem the best or, better than the HKSF (they are horribly balanced and flexible as rubber), in terms of balance, construction, rigidity, price, etc.

My motor/prop como is 800kv / 11x4,7


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
I'm still impressed with rctimer's carbon fiber props. If you get them in a bundle, you can get medium size 4.5-5.5 pitch for around $4.50 apiece. So far I haven't broken any. But to be honest, I don't venture out of my skill envelope much, so I rarely crash. I realize my skill sets are increasing slowly, but boy do I hate to repair and rebuild.

Anyway, they are very nice props. . . not perfect, about half of them require a tiny bit of balancing. They are ultra light and stiff. For the blades, they only need at most a half inch square piece of scotch tape. For the hubs, I used small snips of solder buried in a dab of epoxy. You have to scuff the surface a bit to make it adhere.

I'm confident the cross section does not change with any RPM your motors can dish out as cheap props will. They aren't susceptible to plane-change flex causing vibration.

Most already know this, but for anyone new, I need to add the important caveat. Be warned. . .carbon fiber are like spinning scalpels. Where a poly-plastic prop may give you a shallow bruise-like cut, a CF prop will cut clean and deep with little effort.