Looking at creating an RC Flight event here in UK, ideas and thoughts welcome!


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I've got experience of organising and managing events here in my home town, with attendances ranging from a couple of hundred people for the smaller events to well over 2000 people for our biggest event. I run a social enterprise, our goals are to promote community spirit and unison, encourage entrepreneur-ism in our community and to promote family activity. We run a range of activities and events for this. We're a non-profit, community interest company, so any profits and assets we have are turned over for the benefit of our community.

Although I'm still pretty new to the hobby, having taken it up last summer, I want to see if I can organise some RC flight events here in the UK. My idea is to get family units out together, to try out RC flight, whether it be multi rotor or fixed wing, but also offer more seasoned enthusiasts something to enjoy too. Much like what the guys at FT do. I think the experience could be great for families and hard core enthusiasts alike. It could help mend some broken bridges in terms of the public's perceptions of the hobby too.

We've got a lot of event equipment, the contacts we'd need for the usual event stuff like caterers etc. etc. We do have an event insurance policy in place that covers our events for up to £10m but we'd probably need to pay a premium for the RC flight activities to be covered. We'd probably try a couple of regional events first, to test the waters with the idea.

So, as enthusiasts, what would draw you to such an event? Would it be all about what's happening on the flying strip or would you like other activities happening at such an event? If you've been to such events, what did you enjoy the most and the least? If you're in the UK would you be interested in getting involved with such an event?

I'm definitely going to be sounding this idea out. It may not have legs to stand on but I think it's definitely worth exploring.
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hmm, i thought i replied to this.

For a family outing,,,with the goal being getting kids into the hobby,,,I would enjoy seeing some hands on build help and simple flying help. If you can afford it, send them home with a glider they built themselves.

For the advanced guys it's nice to have some vendors there and demos.

Good food and music never hurts.