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looking for new 4 channel aerobatic 3D plane HELP

Hi, I'm relatively new to rc planes, but I am an experienced heli flyer. I recently broke one of my helis and wanted to try something new for a change so I decided to look into rc planes. I'm looking for a moderately small indoor/ outdoor (it has to be able to fly in slightly windy conditions) 4 channel plane that I can do tricks on. I know I'm not an experienced flyer but I would prefer an aerobatic plane to a beginners 4 channel plane. It also has to be within budget (in this case, under $70). I found one that would suit this situation well but there aren't many reviews out there for this plane, the Advanced Mini Air Extra 300 4 channel aerobatic 3D plane. http://www.nitroplanes.com/11a300-extra300-rtf-24g.html . However, I have been doing a bit of research on these types of planes and there seems to be some better options out there but like I said, I'm new to this so are there any suggestions that fit these categories? I saw the reviews for the durafly edge 540 and it looks pretty good but would it be worth buying?
I've looked at both. I would probably opt for the Durafly because it has real hinges on the control surfaces and doesn't have a geared motor.


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Have you considered the ft 3d. I hear that it is a very nice flying 3d plane that has nice regular flying characteristics as well. I have gone on hobby king and for the recommended electronics as well as the kit it should come out to just over 100 dollars, if your willing to spend the extra 30 dollars.

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This one is 40 bucks and comes with a motor and esc. Get 3 servos and a 2s 500 battery and a receiver and you're all set.

http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/...ESC_and _Brushless_Motor_USA_warehouse_.html

I just got mine out again today. Revived the old guy. It's still my favorite plane to toss around in the wind. Here's a video of me flying mine a while back. It's super tough and very very easy to repair. Mine has crashed over 50 times, literally.

I agree with Ak flyer. I've had mine for about 6 months, crashed it many more times than I can remember but I just quickly repaired it and I was back out again.
It may look bad but it still out flys some of my other planes.
With this your never afraid to try anything. (just make sure you've got plenty of hot glue and paddle pop sticks)
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+1 perfect for floaty slow indoor/outdoor Not so great with much wind though...

Since the OP said indoor too I'd think the FT-3D is out for a mere mortal Pilot like me...

Also consider the e-flite UMX Yak 180 ... Perhaps a bit fast for indoor but if you have a good amount of room I know many peeps fly it inside gyms and such. Great little 3D plane.