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Many balsa/foam aircraft for sale

I have way too many airplanes. Over 40 at last count. So it's time for an inventory reduction sale.
These are mostly planes that I haven't touched in a few years, hanging from the ceiling in my shop (hence the dusty appearance in the pix)

I am bringing all of these to FF2022. No shipping. These are all in-person pickup next week. I will be arriving Wednesday morning. (Volunteering for setup)

I've got a zillion things going on, but I'll try and reply ASAP to any inquiries. Please don't PM to ask specific questions, publicly post and I'll add any missing information.

I believe them all to be reasonable priced, so that is the bottom dollar.
Pickup only, in-person at FF2022. Cash transaction.


An unknown plane

39" wingspan
Motor Turnigy Park 450
ESC Turnigy PLush 25
Receiver 6CH micro Lemon RX
4 generic 9G servos

Overall condition is very good. Covering intact and unpatched.
Imperfections around aileron mounting on bottom of wing.

$100. SOLD



Eflite V900

Stock setup
Needs receiver

Good to very good condition. Light transport/hangar rash.
$125 SOLD



Mini Ultra Stick

39" Wingspan
Motor RimFire 400
ESC Electrify SS25
4 generic 9G servos
Needs RX

Perfect condition. Mint.
Very hard to find
$125 SOLD



Great Planes Ultimate Biplane

33" Wingspan
Motor Turnigy
ESC BLHeli 30A
4 generic 9G servos
Needs RX

An old battleaxe. Has been repaired but still airworthy.
An older hard to find model
$75 SOLD



EFlite P51 Mustang "Blondie"

48" Wingspan
Stock setup
Needs receiver

Overall good condition. Flaps and retracts!
$150 SOLD



Unfinished 3D printed Das Liddle Stik
Just needs horizontal stabilizer and elevators printed
(Rudder and ailerons completed)

$25 SOLD


Extra 300L EP
Unknown manufacturer

New in box, unstarted
36" Wingspan
Includes new motor, new ESC, 4 new servos and connectors

$135 SOLD

Edge.jpg EdgeBox.jpg

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