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Hey guys, I have been following your show for the last month and I really cant say enough about how great this is and all you do for flyers. I have an idea that you may have already thought of or may already be doing but I thought I would share it with you anyhow. When I go to my local hobby store, they always have the display with the plastic bags and the cheap foam gliders that you put together. I was wondering if you guys had ever given any thought to marketing your speed build kits in a similar manner? The difference is, your kits are actually useful.

I could picture in hobby stores a display with the words "FLITE TEST" and logo on the top and with several speed build kits in bags on a display and at the bottom of each bag would be a QR code that they could scan which would immediately take them to the video on how to build the model. On the display could also be sold a basic and deluxe build accessory kit which would include glue gun, knives, etc..

Anyhow, just a thought. Again, you guys are great and I hope you keep this good work going.

Thanks again,
Tom H
Palm City, Fl


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I can tell you it has been brought up. Also a shop can do this. There is a shop in canada and I believe lazertoyz sells the speed build kits. All a shop has to do is contact Flite Test to get the product in their store.