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matching the right motor to a lipo


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i crashed and destroyed my blade x2 helicopter :black_eyed: i did manage to salvage some parts

4 lipo batteries they are 2 cell 800mAh 7.4 volt
i also got the dsm receiver and the eflite 5 chanel tx that goes with it
i would like to build my self a litle foamy sport plane but as i only flew glow and gaz before
i have no experiences with electrics i would like to re-use the batteries and rx-tx from the blade so i am looking for an esc and motor combo to go with them the cheaper the better
i do realise this will have to be a small plane would be open to use 2 batteries same time

the charger i have was made for those batteries so changing bateries would mean a new charger

any sugestions ?


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