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Help! Messed up Gremlin Build, Power issues

Hey all,

New to quads so decided to start off small, but also like building so I've done my best with the components outlined below. Unfortunalty, the world currenly as it is and being UK based really limited my choices components wise, and I've gone and messed something up.

Quad flys but takes off at about 75-80% throttle. I put slightly larger props on but I'm noticing the throttle cutting out after 2-3 seconds of flight.
I've narrowed it down to a poor motor choice which I think is causing a too high draw for the battery to handle (I think, could be/ proably wrong, I've written off a battery anyway)

Racestar 1108 4000Kv Motors
HAKRC 15A 4 in 1Blheli_s ESC
F4 Flight controller (Omnibus STM32F4)
500-700mAh 60-120C, 3S batteries
Gemfan 1940 Props (before switching to Cyclone 2035 4 Blade, the custom frame limits the prop size until I can get back to the lazer cutter at work)

MTOW 199g/7.2oz
-Batterys 60g/2.12oz
-Frame and all connectors plus electronics 120g/4.23oz

Anyone have any clue?

(Picture shows 2035 props)