gremlin build

  1. B

    Help! Messed up Gremlin Build, Power issues

    Hey all, New to quads so decided to start off small, but also like building so I've done my best with the components outlined below. Unfortunalty, the world currenly as it is and being UK based really limited my choices components wise, and I've gone and messed something up. Quad flys but...
  2. A

    Building gremlin for the first time.

    I want to build a gremlin and I looked at the video they have on YouTube. Since I would use the Flite Test Power Pack G V2 would I follow the same steps. Won’t the soldering be different? This would be my first build and I don’t want to screw up and destroy the components.
  3. FlyinLow

    Help! F3 femto FC on gremlin setup

    Hey everyone, I need some help with my F3 femto flight controller on my gremlin. I first built my gremlin a couple months back and after many flights and crashes it was time for me to replace the f3 femto FC. So I ordered a hole brand new micro power pack that comes with new motors, ESCs, and f3...
  4. D

    FT Gremlin Programming Issue

    Hello! Just bought a new gremlin and assembled it and flashed it with beta flight following the old flight test video... And everything was going great until the receiver section. For some reason, it just won't contact or recognize the receiver! It may be the ports or something (First time using...
  5. C

    Hey Peeps! Introduction to the site and Gremlin build details.

    Hi All! Greg from Texas coming through to say hi and give some (hopefully helpful) details of my recent Gremlin build! It is kind of long, but hopefully someone gets something out of it! I'm relatively new to multi-rotors. I picked up an Inductrix along with a Dx6e few months ago and was...