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Might Mini F8F Bearcat

My vision was having the mini corsair, mustang, and a bearcat to have FPV cameras and do a pylon/gate race, kinda like what they did with those FPV xverts. The only problem is the lack of a bearcat. So I'm currently drawing up plans that either later tonight or tomorrow I should at least have pictures or even upload the plans so you guys can test fly it too! I don't currently have the electronics for it and won't be doing a build just yet, but will be most likely in the next few weeks. The specs will be the same as the mustang and corsair - 24" wing and 18-19" length. The build style will be based heavily off of the mustang and corsair. Let me know any thoughts and suggestions! And please do, once the plans are out build, test, modify and let me know improvements to make this plane live up to flitetest standards! (My 1/8 scale f-104 costs a little more than expected and I am placing that project on hold for now fyi)