Mighty Mini FT Flyer

Mighty Mini FT Flyer 1.8

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Flyingshark submitted a new resource:

Mighty Mini FT Flyer - A small, short-coupled, bundle of fun!

This is a Mighty Mini-sized (19.5 inch wingspan) version of the FliteTest FT Flyer. It's a three-channel plane, with just throttle, elevator, and rudder control. It will fit on one sheet of foam, and it's simple to build. If you get lost, you could try watching the build video for the full-size FT Flyer on YouTube, or you could ask in the discussion associated with this resource or in the build thread I've linked further down.

Recommended Electronics:
Power Pack A (or an equivalent)...

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Flyingshark updated Mighty Mini FT Flyer with a new update entry:

A fixed tail skid, and other minor tweaks

The tail skid used to be about one foam-thickness too short, so I made it that much taller. Now the front part of it should be flush with the bottom of the horizontal stabilizer. I also tweaked the width of one of the pushrod slots, so now it fits a coffee stirrer better.

Yes the version numbering is still kinda weird. I'm still sorry. :)

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