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Minecraft PE ---) Anyone else playing?


Gremlin on the Wing
With David on his way back to the States, this seems as good a time as any to talk about all things Swedish (or Swede created).

I have never had the chance to play the original (PC version) of Minecraft, but I had watched a few videos of gameplay on YouTube, and really wanting to give it a try. Then the App became available for my Android device, and I got my wish. I enjoy building houses, castles, zombie death traps, and anything else my imagination can conjure up, as well as defending said creations from the dreaded Creeper (ssssss... BOOM!!!)

There are so many ways to play, and create, but it can be a tremendous "time hole"!

Anyone else?
I do play lots of games - and my 2 sons too

Minecraft is 1 of them...

I use some mods...Rei's Minimap, ToomanyItems, BuildCraft or Powercraft - and sometimes both...

Using MultiMC allowing me to have many different versions and instances on the computer.
I have MC servers running as well - but only locally for the kids and their friends when they are here


Senior Member
I love Swedish "time holes"! I've got two of them, actually, but with legs. I still get to defend my creations, though, so I shouldn't complain too much about the lack of time for distractions =).