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Michael G

Active member
hello flite test,
I threw a little something together for you it should fly just fine I really didn't design anything, not like I did for the mini sopwith camel (which I haven't given up on).
all I did with the D VII was kit bash parts from the mini se5 & DR I. I turned the dr1's middle wing into the D VII's bottom wing and modified the vert & horiz stabs to look more like D VII's tail. it all goes together like the se5 &DR I. So break out your poster board templates because when I colored it (I did it on my lap top with the paint program) I didn't put in all the holes it was too much of a pain in the neck. I was careful to stay inside the original lines. all pages were decreased down to 31.7% to fit on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper so you'll have to use the legend at the corner of the pages to enlarge back to the original size. I know it's a little cheesy using the paint program but it was fun to do it. I hope you like it and post pics & video.
d7 1.jpg
d7 2.jpg
d7 3.jpg
d7 4.jpg