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Matthew Sanders

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So some of you might remember me, I've had some questions about aileron setup, but now I've got it thanks to all the wonderful people here on the forum. I've really improved my flying skills in just two months as well as my building foam board speed build kits. I decided to challenge myself to build the X-29. Well, as you can probably guess by the title, I ran into something really strange. In the build video, Andres says you need to have battery extensions and bullet connector extensions. Well, I got the xt-60 extension soldered up at my local hobby store since I've only soldered once in my life and don't trust myself, but on the FT Store, I couldn't find ANYTHING on the bullet extensions. I did everything. I went through the link in the description of the build video. It leads to a blank link with a "sorry, that page can't be found" message. So that leaves me with two questions. One, where the heck did it go, do any of you know where that product went? And two, do any of you on the forum know or have any solution of how I can build this without the bullet extensions?


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The store has moved to Amain, this was probably one of the lines that hasn’t ported across. Extending the motor wires is pretty easy. Get a good 25w soldering iron and practice on scrap wire (any multi core will do) to hone the skills, there’s lots of how to solder videos on the internet. It’s a fairly important skill for making up wiring looms from parts, you will need to do more of it.