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More buyers, More discount. Skylark Group Buy is under way...


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Skylark Trace OSD Ⅱ

The Trace OSD Ⅱ is available, SKYLARK FPV and FPVLAB is kicking off the AAT Suite discount plan for FPVLab members.

Here are the details!!

** Free shipping: DHL/EMS

** USB Update Cable*1PCS is for free

** Only for FPVLab.com registered users

** Only 20 units max.

** Deadline: Feb 28, 2012, so order up early ladies

** A paypal account can only be used to purchase the AAT Suite.

** You must pay in advance before deadline, SkylarkFPV will return refunds as neccessary/needed Mar 1-3, 2012

** You must leave your FPVLab username in your order comment, we'll confirm your order with you by FPVLab private message.

The favorable price for FPVLab USERS/MEMBERS only.

1PCS 393/PCS
2PCS 388/PCS
3PCS 383/PCS
... ...
10PCS 348/PCS
... ...
20PCS 298/PCS

** as a personal note - I was the 1st to get the Skylark OSD brand up in the air and I've been 100% happy w/ the line. I don't say this because I helped develop some of the features, I say this because I believe in the brand and it just works! I've taken my Trace OSD and Skylark Tracker 16+ miles with ROCK SOLID performance. And yes - I'm grabbing another suite to add to the hangar

For more information, please visit