More tips on Prop spinners for a newbie wanting to build scale warbirds

smiling albert

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Some of you may know I'm a newbie looking to build scale flying warbirds such as a Stuka,Spitfire,Hurricane
I particularly want to get the nose right so the cowl meets the spinner relatively smoothly and this all seems to revolve
(!) around the spinner.
Have already seen some threads saying it can be a nightmare balancing them and plastic spinners should be avoided for this reason ,so are aluminium ones best?
Any other experiences,tips would be greatly appreciated.


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Not that its a spinner in the conventional sense but it is 3D printed and is fixed directly to the 'bell' of the brushless.

The object is to provide good a streamline, a minimal frontal area and allow cooling air through the motor.

The motor mount, also 3D printed, allows air through the bulkhead and into the fuselage although at only 65 w it does not need much air.
The spinner weighs 1.2 g, the motor mount 2.5!


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That is a neat trick for smoothing the front end and making it look more scale. You got links for the STL files of those?