Multirotor with Gyro plane main rotor

Geo Jeff

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I'm curious to see a way to make a multi rotor able to operate in an engine out situation as well as possible carry larger loads and extend cruise times.
I was thinking a multi rotor say a 4 blade with a pusher blade added to make it a 5 blade. Then add a Gyro copter non powered blade over head that is as big or bigger than the aircraft hull and multi rotor blades. I'm wondering if the gyro blade above could be locked in a fix position and fly or assist the multi rotors. should be like these Cessna models were seeing with added rotors for VTOL.
Give you the option of VTOL and then transition into winged Gyro copter flight. allowing all four multi rotor motors to shut down to conserve power. The 5th motor pusher or puller set up is all you need to run. or can you get some effecincy ion forward flite with out a pusher engine like a winged craft. obviously you need a rudder? and vertical stab in there some where? when you need to operate the gyrocopter mode by itself.
Imagine you have a big heavy camera platform and you have a engine failure. instead of flipping and crashing to the ground you could auto rotate. With a vertical stab installed and rudder you can control the counter torque during the auto rotation.
A softer landing then just falling from the great blue sky.

We believe this is what it would take to allow a multi rotor machine to become a real experimental aircraft. I'm a fixed wing pilot and my buddy is a helicopter pilot and we play with wings and quad copters. We'd love to build a quad copter machine that had the ability to be a gyro rotor craft as well for a engine out.
That free air space above those multi rotors is good clean air to use as a spinning wing. The quad copter could be fully flown by wire through GPS and stabilizing Gyros. Then transition to normal flight of a gyro copter. A gyro copter has an amazing ability to turn on a dime and can operate in high winds that most planes wont. Go to an air show and when the winds pick up the Gyros are the last thing to stop flying.
Seeing a proof of concept model fly would go a long ways to helping many people around the world see that not only a multi rotor can operate but it can be as safe as a helicopter or gyro copter. The wing rotor adds benefits of reduced fuel burn and safety and the quad copter down low allows hover flight to operate in close in areas such as drive ways or parking lot. Ive always said we have not got a flying car because we did not understand when they came up with the idea of the flying car it would not operate on the street it would simply take us from place to place like a car. Hover out of your drive way or back yard hangar, take off vertical, transition to forward flight. arrive at destination and auto rotate slash vertically land with multi rotor and gyro rotors working in tandem for safety. The gyro copter is already wanting to land vertically and with the assistants of the multi rotors it could be tricked into thinning its in a head wind and land straight down just as they do in head winds but not needing any computers to actually land if need be. it could also just be vertically landed in quad mode. In the rc model you would need to control the gyro mast forward and back but in real life that's just a pilot flying or even a computer at some point. I can see RC electronics are now good enough to run in a experimental plane and be okay to do that as you can build what you wish to be in such as this blender as per the FAA.
And its still less complicated then a helicopter in parts. So rip this idea up for us or let us know if you want to tackle it in a rc model. Were really wanting to see how the Gyro copter wing and multi rotors work in tandem.

So far after a couple years its the only thing we can see that would make it safe enough to at least build a manned version. Plus the rotor head mast could have a ballistic parachute. currently i built 400 to 600 lbs of thrust using 72 3 bladed powerfin props out of 60 to 100 hp before turbos in the 130 to 175lbs area before any lighting is done to drop weight. so imagine 4 engines creating 400 ft lbs of thrust each plus another for the pusher engine.
I think we can build a light weight chrome-oly air frame with a seat hanging under it and the engines having the legs mounted under them coming in less then or thrust numbers.

We just don't build models and understand that RC scaling to full size is a whole thing in itself. For instances we may need a very large gyro blade and multiple blades on the gyrocopter were the norm is two blades but as the add more they get way better thrust.

I don't want to ramble here but i think this machine being developed by flite test could leave a mark in history. This is an amazing time with so much input and your ability to work with electronic manufactures for custom software. Our goal has always been to compete in the r22 Robinson area. 30ft diameter, there 124hp or 160 hp there range is about 2.5 to 3.5 hours at under 100 knots. Its going to take a village to get a flying car built and i think its a online village.
we have watched our older generations try and try and we now seem to have the tech to do it. This seems safer and simpler than jet packs look how well were flying quads now. fast smooth and reliably. Tell us what works doesn't work or if you have a better idea. If not lets get a gyro and multi rotor blended together in a way that may be a starting place for scaling up.