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My newest flying wing


More combat please...
My newest flying wing. the HotRod
Designed to be a test platform to allow easy swap of all electronics.
Motor mount, servos, ESC reciever all zip tied on.
-This thing is fast. Sorry, i don't have the AUW or radar on top speed.
I do have a watt meter on order and will post more data as I get it.
Flies stable and predictable at 1/3 throttle. Trims well and sustains level flight at 1/2 throttle.
Climbs out vertical as far as I want to go at full.
The most fun and rewarding maiden ever so far
Custom cut 1.9 EPP
34" span, 14" sweep
2200mah lipo- Gensace
30a ESC- Volcano/Proton Series (HobbyPartz)
Turnigy 3530c 1700kv motor
7x6 APC prop (HobbyKing)
Tunigy MG90S servos
OrangeRX 6ch DSM2 receiver



More combat please...
Dude- they are a blast and great confidence builders.
The EEP wings are great, we crash, go pick 'em up and keep flying.
Check out CrashTestHobby.com. That's where we get the wings that we fly in combat.


More combat please...
Added some stickers. Maybe HobbyKing will give me free stuff!
You can sent a pic to Anthony Hand so that he will know your viewers are buying HobbyKing products.

Note to HobbyKing- that would normally have been a 25-30 ESC from HobbyKIng- They have been out of stock for long enough that I have placed several orders elsewhere.

This will likely be a combat plane sometime in the future but I like it the way it is so much now!

smallerDSC04708.jpg smallerDSC04709.jpg smallerDSC04710.jpg