naza issues with tbs disco pro build


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hi everybody! nice to meeet y'all. i'm afraid this question may be a bit... dated? i don't know. i'm having a lot of trouble finding help.

so, i bought an "AS IS" long range discovery pro on's naza based, and it powers up when i connect a battery, but I'm having some problems. Problem one is a ebit humiliating... I'm used to building small quads configured with betqflight. i downloaded the appropriate naza software, first on my PC. I couldn't even get the UI usable. i tried again with my mac, and this time i was able to try to use the software. unfortunately, i couldn't get any of the config options to translate to the disco. it pwouldnt even recognize it. just to be scientific, i plugged in another drone I'm building, also naza, and this one it acknowledged, but wouldn't acknowledge the commands from the bound transmitter. i really, really want to get this disco in the air. i can figure out all the camera stuff later... i just... welll... have no clue how to do a naza build, and youtube has me so confused I feel like a total moron, i went through several pages on google before i landed here... I apologize if this is off-topic or something. At this point, I feel lucky that I still know how to use my computers. thanks in advance, if anyone tries to help...