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Need Help for connecting Xstar Premium drone with Fatshark dominator HD V2 goggle

My Autel Xstar Premium 5.8 ghz receiver only has a USB port. Currently, I connect my receiver with a Samsung tablet as a FPV monitor during flying. Sadly, I have trouble of seeing the tablet image on a bright sunny day. For that I am wondering whether I can use a Fatshark dominator HD V2 goggle instead. Since most the google only comes with mini-HDMI port, my question is that can I use a USB to mini HDMI cable or adapter in bridging the connection between the receiver and goggle? If so, would such conversion create any time lag? Or any other suggestion might work to connect a Fatshark goggle or other FPV goggles?

Moreover, can I use a wire or wireless FPV monitor other than my Samsung tablet ? If so, what should I do in terms of the hook up and which monitor would be my best bet?

Look forward to hearing from you guys.


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Dominators should be able to pick up the video signal without needing a cable to the receiver, though you may need to buy a 5.8 ghz module for them (around $30).


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The module may not be necessary, some sellers supply them with a module in the frequency you choose, some don't.
If you get a set with no receiver or a 1.3 or 2.4 ghz receiver then you just replace it with one of these - fat-shark 5.8ghz module.
Autel Premium Video Link

Did the Dominator work? I am looking into FPV for my XStar but not sure if this will work wireless
The XSP uses 5.8 as a "radio" link and 900MHZ for it's video transmission as it requires much more bandwidth and the lower the frequency the more robust the link will be. Not sure if they make a module for that band in FPV goggles, only way I have heard of FPV is with a tablet with hdmi out.