Need to come up with a better battery storage solution


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A year into this hobby i realised i needed a better way to store my lipos so i bought a good size metal tool box and lined it with 6mm fibro cement.
I felt confident this method would contain any flames in the event of a fire. (Not the gas or smoke)
So confident that kept it in the man cave sitting on a metal storage shelf.

Now 3 years later the man cave is littered with foam planes and unfinished projects and lots of other flammable material
and tonight i was checking the storage charge of all my lipos and was surprised to notice i have accumulated in excess of over 70 lipo batteries some beat up some a bit puffy and I'm starting to think it's time to come up with a safer storage method.

I live in Queensland Australia and with the Hot climate storing them in the garden shed isn't an option.
I know Hai-lee swears by storing them in the fridge but Putting 70+ lipos in the family fridge isn't an option for me ( Wife won't go for that ).
The Garage is used by the wife ( Hey she lets me have a man cave / Plane workshop so fair enough )
I don't know if an ammo case would stop a fire with 70+ lipos with multiple cells.
I think its time to some how move them out of the house .
I was thinking of a big fire proof safe from Bunnings and putting it out on the concrete pattio and heavily insulate it.
Any other flyers here come up with a solution for safe storage ?


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Cheap second hand fridge, put in the man cave, fill with lipo and beer, jobs a good un!
Put the packs in batches in lipo bags or clay flue pipe lengths to separate them.
Also do yourself a favour and discharge and dispose of all puffy, tired or damaged packs. This will make storage much safer and make space.