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new new new what is a good one to just start off with


Junior Member
hello I was looking what is a good radio to get for a 3 of 4 chl system I just want to get my feet wet again lol

found a dynam on CL the son is flying that one it is a 6 cl who knows what it was in and I just work around what I have as in the was oh throwes please help and looking on the low end for now thank you
I would suggest considering the availability and cost of accessories when chosing a radio system. Will they be on back order often? Will they ship from over seas? Will I be stuck purchasing from one seller with this unit? Are replacement parts available?

Just a few things I should have considered when switching to digital.


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what about the usb cable it is not in the usa ?
Actually I have not gotten the Hobbyking version, rechecking I see it does not have the cable. I had ordered all the necessary gear for a friend wanting to start including the HK6S. It came with a wiring issue and feeling responsible for choosing that one for him and so he could get in the air I took the hit and ordered this http://www.hobbypartz.com/79p-ct6b-r6b-radiosystem.html to get it quick since HK was out of all cheap TXs in the USA warehouse at the time. It is a flysky rebrand of that same TX which did come with the cable. He loves it and is flying well with it. That's what my recommendation was based on. you can use it while waiting for the cable to come from international but you have to be careful when mounting servos as you will not be able to reverse them.

On a side note I rewired the HK6S and its not a bad tx either, for the price. The problem there is it is international only.