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Night time FPV - LED Runway


Junior Member
So who wants to see David the electronic crazy sweed build a fully pimped out Led runway...?

Me, me pick me!

...im not talking your led christmas lights plonked out on the floor flashing away pointlessly, im talking the grand daddy of fpv runways!

Would like to see featured:

Chasing LEDs on approach
Glide slope indicators
A huuuuge led numbered runway
...and anything else that the team can come up with.......!

There is not enough dusk/night fpv going on!

I need votes people!!! Whos going to give me a +1

We can dooo ittttt



Fly, yes... Land, no
I think this would be interesting to see too, though the issue I see is logistics. To really pull this off im not sure it could be done at a temporary location. Setup time would be a major killer.

I had an idea to make a bungie launcher with takeoff count down lights. Kind of like a cross between a carrier catapult launch and something you would see in a game or an anime to launch a mech into space :p may still do this...


Junior Member
I really like this idea. Perhaps you could use dollar tree foam board and line it with LED strips wired to a spare battery to start and build on that platform with controllers and other fancy stuff.
That way it is somewhat mobile and plug and play so to speak. Just have connectors on either end of the foam board.