Non-RC Servo-tester run project!


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I am planning a project which involves using up to 8 large 120mm fan/motors mounted to my body simultaneously to slow my falling speed, pulling around 125-150 amps continuous with 200amp rated ESC.

For reference.

I am pretty new to all of this RC stuff, but my current plan calls for me to use multi-servo testers, running 4 ESCs off of each one. Probably using small 2s batteries to power each servo-tester.

Again I am very new to this, so I am wondering is that workable? Is there any input/output requirement for the controller considering the high power of the system, or is a signal just a signal and doesn't matter. How can these sustain output to 4 ESCs, is that a concern?

Disclaimer: I'm fully aware this is a very stupid, life-threatening idea.