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Noob need info / help with electronics

My name is Darrell and this is my second post.
I’m just recently getting into electric rc flight ,
I have always been interested in the hobby since I was like 10yo but either didn’t have the time or money or I was invested in other things , now here I am 45 and disabled so now I have time but lack the $$ Little by little I built two planes thanks to flite test free plans and cheap building mat. Anyway I found a couple radio systems that are fairly inexpensive but are they worth it . I really like the Turnigy i10 and Turnigy 9x . Does anyone know if they are any good also it looks like frysky has an exact sam thing . What’s the difference? Are they any good ?
Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



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FLYSKY and TURNIGY are the same brand, Turnigy is Hobbyking stickers on FLYSKY transmitters.
They work fine, but you will be limited to Flysky/Turnigy receivers. The programming side of those is not so complicated. You can also reprogram the cheaper FS6i to 10 channels if you don’t want to spend more for extra channels.
Frsky is a different brand.


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I agree with @FDS, Flysky & Turnigy are the same thing, they are completely compatible with each other and both work equally well, excellent range and reliability. There are differences internally, if you blow up a board, the parts may be different.

Frsky is a different brand and uses a different protocol

When choosing a brand of radio, it's the protocol that determines if one brand is compatible with another. Great thread here about protocols.
There’s a good thread here in the transmitter sub forum which has lots of good info in.