Old fogey vs old speedster and other questions


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1) Could I fly either of these planes on a flitetest power pack c motor with either a 8x4.5 slow flyer or 10x4.5 prop on a 2s 1050mah in an area that is approx 180x120 ft.?
2) I have built the mini speedster, but which is better? Especially for as slow as possible. Old fogey for new build experience?

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Old Fogey recommends a power pack b or c with a 9x4.5 (so the 8.4.5 would probably work), however bigger batteries on 3s, so you might have a CG issue with the battery in question and would probably want to try the 10x4.5 (assuming you have the clearance for it)

Old Speedster doesn't appear to have a store page to reference for electronics, but does have plans. The plans appear to call for a motor with a KV rating similar to a B pack motor, but lighter and also wants a 3s lipo.

The smallest area i have flown in was 250-300ft across and even with a fairly slow plane, that felt tiny. That small of a space you probably want something more like the EZ stuff at least unless your expecting to be turning non-stop.

The review for the FT Old Speedster shows them flying inside in a fairly small space, so it might be doable.


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Check out my thread Old Fogey to V - Fogey. Now it is a windy day slow flyer. "C" motor pulling 7 amps from a 1300 three cell, swinging a 7 x 3.8 APC prop. 8 min flights and batteries read 45% left.


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