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I would have to say there is nothing wrong with airfoil you already have. It will provide plenty of lift at the right speed and angle of attack to the airflow. If your plane was a glider seeking the absolute maximum glide ratio (distance travelled for height lost) the wing shape and section would be different but your plane is no glider! Ease of manufacture and structural strength are far more important to your wing.
Get the take off attitude right and with a sufficiently smooth surface it will take off.
I'll try again, thank you.


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2 suggestions:

1) A very simple way of increasing the wing's angle of attack is to put a popsicle stick under the leading edge of the wing and fuse. If it doesn't takeoff, then add another stick and redo. Explore what angle of attack is best for you and then add that shim to the fuse leading edge.

2) Suggest you use more than one set of rubber bands to hold wing on. If one breaks, the wing will most likely cause major damage to your bird. Or the wing can start flopping in the air when yanking the plane around.
Your advice is very helpful, I'll try again, thanks!


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Which airfoil shape should be chosen for the wing? Ability to automatically correct attitude in flight.
If you are still looking for this answer: slice the top of your wing from leading edge to trailing edge in the center, perpendicular to the leading edge. Hold one side flat to the table and gentle lift the other side a little bit at a time until you have a few degrees of dihedral(slight V to wing), then hot glue the slice with the lifted wing supported and reinforce the joint with packing tape after the glue cools.

You may need to open the slice a tiny bit with a BBQ skewer to help.