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Oshkosh Special

I found this plane on RC Groups designed by dz1sfb, and similar to the Blu-Baby by Tony65x55. I can't get fan fold foam up here in Canada, so I elected to use Readi-board that I get from Dollarama. I de-papered the underside of the wing in order to create the necessary wing camber.

I have some build pics on my camera at home that I will post. For now, here is a short video from the second day of flying. This is from my parents' farm, which I like to call paradise.

Hextronik 24gm 1300kv
Turnigy Basic 18 amp ESC
Orange Rx 610
2 x HK 3.7 gm servos (I would recommend hxt 500, 900s instead, but it was all I had)

Need bigger wheels for a grass landing, but it lands great on pavement or packed gravel.

30" wingspan


Video filmed by my 8-year old daughter :)