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P40 and P47 performing at local airshow

For a small, free show in Delta BC Canada, the Boundary Bay Airshow had an amazing list of perfromers: Canadian Forces Snowbird, CF-18 demo team, Bud and Ross Granley in a pair of Yaks, a Pitts Special, a Boeing Stearman, P-40 Kittyhawk, FM-2 Wildcat, and last but not least, a P-47D Thunderbolt! Happy times! Love the sound of those big radials...



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Not on the flight line, up against the fence at the far end where they parked after flying! Almost close enough to touch...
Makes sense, I was at that same spot about 30 min after the gates opened. Something I liked at that show was how close the Snowbirds and Demo Hornet taxied close to the audience.