Personal Film Project seeking FPV Drone Pilot - Los Angeles CA


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Hi all, posting this for a friend. Please send me a message if you fit the bill and are interested, and I’ll put you in touch with my friend for more details. Thanks.

Please include contact info and a reel or footage.

He referenced this as the style he’s going for:
Personal Film Project seeking FPV Drone Pilot.

Shooting in Los Angeles California. Desert location near Palmdale area.

Need a solid Drone FPV pilot to help with some demanding action shots, captured in 4K video.

With characters running and other action.

Needs to be comfortable getting close to subjects.

Happening April 22nd through 24th.


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Whats it for? The pilot will have to be part 107 certified to film for published works. Whats the financial compensation? Hopefully the brother isnt asking to trust someone off the street for free. I would suggest if he is looking for a pro, safe and proven pilot he contacts Paul Nurkkala (aka Nurk Fpv)


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For his film pitch - trying to get it off the ground (no pun intended) and get funding. I mentioned to him about paid work and finding someone part 107, and recommended a small ducted rig if he's flying near his people. Low budget as it's coming directly out of his pocket. I've actually sent him photos of Nurk's stuff to show what people are doing these days with drone builds. I know some of the pros are charging up to $4k per day, so that's out of the ballpark for him.