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All current official plans are available in full-sized, tiled A (Letter, 8.5" x 11"), tiled B (Tabloid, 11" x 17"), and SVG files for laser cutting.

Current Official Plans (Ready for building):
DHC-4 Caribou | Plans v1.0 | Build Guidance | Forum Thread
Cormorant II | Plans v1.2 | Build Video | Forum Thread |Plans v1.2 Mirror
Unnamed Profile 3D Foamy | Plans v1.4 | Forum Thread

Current Unofficial "Plans" (Work files for one-offs I've done in the past):
Efflux Mk. III | "Plans" | Youtube Playlist
NASA AD-1 Oblique Wing | "Plans" | Forum Thread
Cormorant I | "Plans" | Forum Thread
Swing Wing B-1B | "Plans" | Forum Thread
XB-70 Valkyrie V2 | "Plans" | Forum Thread
XB-70 Valkyrie V1 | "Plans" | Forum Thread

Most of the unofficial stuff will probably remain as is. If you'd like to have a go at them, feel free, but don't expect it to be smooth sailing. They were made to be the bare minimum required to get one airframe built and need a good bit more work to produce a result.
Please notify me as to any improvements I can make.
These lists will grow over time.
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