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Podcast Suggestion: NoFlyZone.org


Junior Member
I received an email suggesting I support this organization, which " offers an effortless way to establish a “no-fly zone” over property, preserving and protecting residents’ privacy from drones. The Company provides a comprehensive global database of no-drone areas, supported by drone manufacturers and operators who have joined the NoFlyZone community. The database will not only include private properties, but also civil and military airspace, temporary flight restrictions, airports, schools, military installations, industrial plants, and other sensitive sites... Using NoFlyZone.org, individuals simply enter their address to create a virtual barrier, or geo-fence, around their property. Drone companies participating in NoFlyZone’s consortium honor the requests for privacy as they update software on their drones."

I do not support this organization's purported mission, nor do I want drone vendors telling me where I can fly via mandatory software updates. What is needed is a activist advocacy group to counter the anti-drone movement and quickly. A discussion of which groups are working for drone operators and how we can make our voices heard would be helpful.


I'm a care bear...Really?
It's a useless attempt to regulate things. Imo it's a waste of time and like teach said its like the name a star thing. People have no clue about what is legal airspace above homes and property